Secure Customer Portal - NIMBUS

This area has been developed to provide our customers with the ability to access their information securely, easily and efficiently.  The Nimbus portal is a secure site, based in Australia, that allows us to give our customers secure access to their files, no matter where they are, provided they have internet access.  It also gives our customers the ability to share and upload key files with both us and other interested parties, via secure links should this ever be necessary.

Why our customers should be using this portal
In the current age of information technology and digital theft, we need to remember that email is not a secure service, so you should never send private or personal information to anyone in this way.   Should anyone ever ask you to, you should immediately be suspicious of their intentions and find a safer way of doing so if this is genuinely required.  Most legitimate organizations will use secure sites and portals for this purpose.   Should you ever need to send us a document quickly and securely, uploading it, using our secure client area (Nimbus) is the way go.  Nimbus will automatically generate an email to let us know that you have uploaded a new document and will also let you know whenever we upload a new document for you.
If you have trouble with using the Nimbus portal, please contact us and we will get a staff member to assist you.  We can even set up a virtual meeting to help get you started.  This can be done using the provided "GoToMeeting" Link (top right), along with a meeting code that our staff can provide you with.

To go straight to the portal now, click here or on the "Secure Portal Login" link on the side menu (Existing Nimbus account holders).

If you don't have a Nimbus account, are an existing customer of EnVision Partners with an email account, and would like us to set you up with one, please email our IT Administrator at to request a Nimbus account.  Please note that this is a free service that we offer our customers to better protect their document security.

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Secure Portal Login - Nimbus