Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft 2018

My wife and I had the great pleasure of representing EnVision Partners at the Chinchilla Grandfather Clock Campdraft.  EnVision has been a long time sponsor of the event and we were invited  to attend the sponsors lunch and present the winning ribbons for the novice draft.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the grass was lush and green and competition was in the air as the finals began.  We had a front row seat by the arena whereby we could watch each run at ease.  As we mingled with the other sponsors of the event, we carefully listened for each score to see how the competitors went. It was luck of the draw in regards to which beast they drew out of the camp, however, the skill the competitors showed was remarkable to watch.

When the draft was complete we had the pleasure of meeting the finalists as we presented them with their ribbons and the winner their saddle.  It was amazing how well trained each horse was and how calm they appeared despite the action taking place around them.  It was an honour to attend this event and represent EnVision. The competitors were very thankful and appreciative of all the sponsors’ kind donations as they said without them, it would be very difficult to run the event.


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