Surprising Ways Cloud Software Can Simplify Your Life

Here at EnVision Partners, we understand that you started your business to do what you love, not because you wanted to do bookkeeping.  Let's be honest, unless you’re an Accountant or Bookkeeper, you probably find doing bookwork to be mind numbing and time consuming.

Our Bookkeeping Division (Priscilla Bramley and Jo Irwin), are always looking for new innovative software programs and strategies to assist you to save time doing your bookwork.  Logic tells us that having your books accurate and up-to-date gives you precise cashflow information, which in turn, allows you to make informed financial decisions in business.  The latest software we have added to our bookkeeping arsenal is Hubdoc (a Xero Product, so you know it comes with quality support).  There is no doubt this software will help reduce your stress and workload.

Hubdoc is a cloud solution which connects with your accounting software.  Hubdoc can retrieve, store and sort your paperwork electronically.

Information can be submitted to Hubdoc automatically, for example, connect your bank statements, Landmark merchandise account, Telstra account, etc to download without lifting a finger.  Or you have the option to manually forward emailed invoices, or better yet, have your suppliers send invoices to your unique Hubdoc email address or you can submit invoices via the App. 

Hubdoc extracts key information from your documents ready for you to code and publish to your accounting program.  You can also memorise your repeating information, saving further time.

If you are already a Xero convert - utilising Hubdoc can assist you to reconcile your bank statements and pay accounts, as the information you require has already been published - it's coded and ready to go.

If you are worn out from sorting and filing paperwork, manually entering all your information into your accounting software and searching for those dreaded accountant query documents - I highly recommend Hubdoc.


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