Know the Benefits of Tax & Forward Planning

The end of financial year is fast approaching, now is the time to take stock and review the financial performance of your business!

Great tax planning advice provides a strategy which covers all of the following areas:

  • Measures your business performance and provides multiple scenarios that will maximise your business outcomes;
  • Calculates the potential tax liability for your business, allowing time for appropriate minimisation strategies to be implemented, which may save you thousands; and
  • Assist in the preparation of your budget and cash flow projections for the coming year.

It has been said that 'Businesses do not plan to fail, they simply fail to plan'.  Proactive planning enables you to determine where you are now, and the potential of where you could be going. This is definitely true when it comes to tax planning.

Unfortunately, tax is a factor for consideration of every business.  However, if you prudently manage this liability you can not only minimise it, but build the liability into the cash flow requirements of your business.  In turn, this reduces the impact on you and your business over the coming year.

Done tax planning with us before?  You will be receiving a checklist detailing the information required that allows us to prepare and analyse your interim financial accounts.

Would like to know more about tax planning or schedule a tax planning review?  Time is of the essence!  Please contact your Tax & Business Advisory Manager ASAP.  This will ensure that your information is scheduled during this period of hight demand.


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