ATO Scam Alert

With the increasing number of scams each day, you need to become more vigilant about the emails, text messages &/or phone calls you may receive from external parties.  These scams are being used to try to steal your personal data and/or money.

Just last week I personally received a phone call, allegedly from the “ATO”, claiming that there was a warrant out for my arrest due to unlodged taxation returns. When I confronted them with the facts that I work at an accounting firm, and had not received any correspondence from the ATO, they promptly hung up the phone which confirmed my suspicions about the call being a scam.

There are steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe from scams:

  1. Know what personal information to protect;
  2. Remind other family members to keep their own personal information safe and secure;
  3. Warn them not to share too much information on social media;
  4. Be suspicious of requests for personal information;
  5. Know the legitimate ways to make payments.

The ATO website has recorded at least 12 scam alerts since March 2017.  They range from email scams to text messages about fake tax refunds and also about ATO impersonation. You can keep informed of the latest scams by subscribing to the email updates that the ATO send out.,-scams-about!/

Please don't hesitate to 'Contact Us' for advice if you are unsure if you are being targeted by a scam, or if you would like further assistance on how to protect your personal information.

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