A Personal Touch Never Goes Out Of Style

It's 2018, the world we live in has certainly changed from the likes of 20 years ago - especially the way we do business. With the evolution of technology and automation, customers like yourselves have adopted a new way in how you approach sourcing information.  Platforms like Google and mobile technology, allows you to have an encyclopaedia at the touch of your finger tips.

What does this mean to us at EnVision Partners? Sometimes it appears that the value of face-to-face contact has been lost, along with the ability to build a relationship with your professional advisor.  Even though the convenience of a phone call or an email is still very useful, there is nothing like good old fashioned service.

EnVision Partners has adopted a new approach to the way we deliver our services.  We are still embracing the evolution of technology, however, we have put an emphasis on personalising our service for each of our customers.  The value of sitting with and building a professional relationship is something we strive to achieve. There is nothing quite like having a familiar face to talk to throughout the year and to share experiences with.

As the younger generation embrace technology, we have still found face-to-face relationships still to ring true for them to.  Feedback tells us that there is only so much you can read and that the human mind learns far more from the experiences you share in person.

No matter what your age, face-to-face service is something that will never go out of fashion.

EnVision Partners have opened up our office to accommodate after hours and Saturday morning appointments to assist with everyone’s busy lifestyles.  This ensures that we can still uphold our style of personalised service. We have also embraced technology by offering an online booking service.  This will be launched next week via our website www.envision.com.au. 

With all these factors combined, we have changed up the modern rhythm of business, but still deliver a quality old fashioned service.

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