Cloud Technology Demonstrations

Demonstrations are available to all individuals who would like know more about the latest cloud technology and how it can benefit their business.

Our customers commonly relay to us the following concerns:

  • "I don’t like doing book work."
  • "I don’t have the time." or "My bookkeeping takes too much time."
  • "I’m never up-to-date."
  • "I don’t know how we are going."
  • "We have made this much profit – where has all the money gone?"

If this applies to you, then perhaps cloud technology can help.  EnVision Partners is familiar with a range of cloud accounting products and can assist you with the setup of a system that can help you:

  • Reduce your bookkeeping time by at least half;
  • Always have accurate and up-to-date information allowing for a clear picture of how you’re performing; and
  • Reduce your accounting compliance fees.

There's always problems when changing to new technology if it is not supported by the right learnings and behaviours of the individuals who have to use it.  When this happens, it becomes relatively useless as a tool of change management, and the benefits you are paying for, are unlikely to be realised. 

When we lack the knowledge, skill, support and guidance to change over to new programs, nothing changes and poor
records may continue to be the result.

At EnVision Partners our emphasis is on program matching, training and support to ensure your bookkeeping information is of a high standard.  In fact, we have spent two years developing and internally testing our training and support programs, in order to ensure that we can successfully roll these products out to our customers.

If you would like more information on our next demonstration time, please register your interest today.



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