'We develop our Team Culture with a clear leadership approach, career development focus and a structured way of doing business.'

At EnVision Partners, we conduct business in a structured way.  The goal is two-fold:  to build long term relationships with our customers, whilst assisting them to reach their business goals; and to build relationships with our team members, to assist them to be all they can be in their career.

We have developed our office in such a way that there is a team of people who take care of each of our customers on an individual basis. Our structure was also developed to build strong smaller teams within the office for training and support.

Our Director, Managers and Accountants have all had extensive experience in the accounting industry, in fact, most of our team today have been with EnVision Partners for many years. Their experience and knowledge is invaluable and continually fine-tuned through attending seminars, webinars and in-house training.

Team Leaders:



Matthew Burke
Principal Partner


Kerri Stuart
Tax & Business Advisory Manager

Angela Marsden
Tax & Business Advisory Manager

Sheerie Gray
Insurance Specialist



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